Adelaide April 2010 Earthquake

So, at 11:27 Friday Night, We had quite a exciting night here in Adelaide. Although we live on 3 Fault lines (That I know of) we don’t get earthquakes that often in the main part of the city. I was laying in bed on Skype with a friend from the US when it struck, and my reaction was.. EARTHQUAKE! and she said “Are you serious?” Now.. at first I wasn’t sure what it was.. It was just like a loud thunderstorm that appeared out of no where? But then I noticed that the wall and my desk was shaking.. which straight away registered to me as an earthquake.

Now, the part about this which made me the most annoyed was the fact no news websites had anything about the quake for over an hour and a half. AdelaideNow did have an article after 25 minutes but all it said was “Reports of a quake are coming in”. There was no news about the size or where about the epicenter was. In fact the United States Geological Survey had information about the quake before any Australian site had anything about it. People turn on TV’s and Radios and look online for news about disasters like this, but its absolutely shocking when nothing had anything about an earthquake!

It was good that we have Twitter and Facebook, because within seconds of the quake there was hundreds of posts on both sites confirming it wasn’t my imagination.

Now as the quake hit, my first reaction was NOT to get under a table or a door frame like we are told, so my question is… Do you go straight for a door frame or under a table? Answer in the poll below.

Do you follow the proper Earthquake procedure?

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EDIT: I forgot to mention the magnitude of the earthquake.. it was a 3.8, Its also funny to note at the time of writing this my house just shook from thunder outside.


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  1. Lucy

    Wow, I live in Adelaide and haven’t even heard of this quake until now!

    1. Shaun

      Do you watch the news at all? I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it by now.

      1. Lucy

        I watch the news just I didn’t see it on there. Maybe I fell asleep during the news..

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