Moved Web hosting again!

So on Tuesday (21st of June) I moved away from my VPS server in Columbus, Ohio. Recently I’ve been having A LOT of issues with high I/O wait and problems with Apache running slow and in return it failing and having to restart. However the service wasn’t restarting correctly and it just “failed”. I was having to constantly restart the server and/or Apache because of slow load times. It was even as bad as upon publishing a post in WordPress sometimes, the server would just crash. Nothing in the error logs, nothing. All of this leads back to the high I/O wait in my investigations which makes sense, however the company I was dealing with wouldn’t listen and just kept assuring me nothing was wrong. The general staff of the company are great and fantastic, it’s just their VPS team I had problems with.

So on Tuesday morning I ordered some new hosting (Much cheaper mind you so doing my wallet a huge favor), from a company here in Sydney, Australia. (more…)

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