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WordPress for iOS

Since early September 2010 I have been involved with the testing and ...


My role within TweetDeck began in mid November 2009. Richard Barley the ...

An end of an era for an old project

Add-ons Mirror (http://addonsmirror.net) formerly known as The Extensions Mirror (TEM – http://extensionsmirror.nl) has come to a close today, after almost a year of posting being disabled entirely and after a couple years of not being updated regularly it has finally become too much of a server resource hog that I along with Samir have decided to just […]

Trying to get back into it

In 2012 I managed to only successfully blog a total of 5 posts. The equivalent of one post every 3 months nearly. This was mainly due to my major holiday to the USA I was on in May, June, July and August. But also due to a lot of personal issues that occurred after I […]

Barack Obama’s Complete 2013 Inauguration Speech

I have to say, President Obama has to be one of my favourite figures to give speeches of this generation. These 2 quotes from his speech were what truly captured me though. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law  — for if we […]

Why was it so hard to get a Nano SIM?

So of course with the new iPhone launch, being that Apple was the one that pushed for their Nano SIM design to succeed it made sense Apple would be including it in their next iPhone instead of the previously used Micro SIMs. On Friday the 12th of this month, this was confirmed and many took […]