An end of an era for an old project

Add-ons Mirror ( formerly known as The Extensions Mirror (TEM – has come to a close today, after almost a year of posting being disabled entirely and after a couple years of not being updated regularly it has finally become too much of a server resource hog that I along with Samir have decided to just shut it down for good. It was good while it lasted, I believe I got involved in 2005-2006 but I cannot recall. But I had a great time working alongside with Samir and Jane.

Unfortunately as mentioned, posting was disabled due to excessive spam posts and recently it has just acted as a constant DDoS on my server causing problems with my other customers and clients.

I have a backup of the website if anyone is interested in anything, please shoot me an email here.

Thanks Shaun ~ aka Sheppard.


Love . Student, IT Consultant, Web Master and social media junkie. Interests include classical music, photography and gaming. Have Asperger’s and MDD.

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  1. george

    i was looking for a better progress status and found “Tb Progress History Extension” mentioned and a link to your site.

    now that i am here, i am disappointed and sad to see that you have closed down.

    so i ask, is this add-on still available?

    1. Shaun

      Hi George,

      I’ve just emailed you.


  2. J

    I too am interested in the TB Progress History Extension…

  3. Pravin Ganore

    There were some posts related to IT which were very interesting and informative. Thought of referring them for some research purpose but they are gone. :(

  4. Kelly Havlik

    Hi Shaun,

    How about the KeyConfig or CS Lite TB add-ons?


  5. asdf

    where can i download cookie monster or it’s alternative? maybe just upload the old installer somewhere, so people can use it?

  6. Jason

    Ah so no longer able to d/l and try the Fox_backup utility. Such a shame.
    Better luck with your future projects.

  7. s claus

    damn shame!

  8. John L Galt

    Hey, Sheppard, don’t know if you look at this or not, but any chance of hitting me up with some of the posts I made there?

    1. Shaun

      No worries, I’ll send you an email.

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