Enabling “Australian/British English” on iOS

OK so after seeing a lot of people complaining about this on Facebook and Twitter for a while, I thought I would post the instructions here on how to change it so people would finally once and for all stop complaining about the iOS Autocorrect dictionary always changing to US spelling.

The fact of the matter is, iOS DOES have a British English dictionary.

Where do you find this such much sought after feature you might ask?  Well you can change it by going to Settings > General > International > Language > British English.

Voilà! There you have it.


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  1. Jo

    Is there a difference between British English and penal colony English?

    1. Shaun

      Erm, no there isn’t.

      1. Jo

        Thank you Shaun for replying to my post five months ago. Lol

  2. David

    During the initial set up you have to specify which country you are in… Why would iOS be so dumb as to not change this setting during this process? Some would say this is very sloppy, with a soup-son of perochialism. The more cynical would cry creeping American imperialism! I’m just saying that it is highly typical of OS developers, failing to deliver an acceptable level of support for internationali”z”ation! Windows and Mac/iOS are both as bad as each other!

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