iPhone 4S a huge upgrade from the iPhone 4?

So now the iPhone 4S has been announced, I have the debate. Do I purchase the new model? I currently have the iPhone 4 Black 32GB model. If I was to purchase the new iPhone 4S I would be purchasing the 64GB model in Black.

The main changes is the 8MP Camera instead of the 5MP and the new feature Siri. Along with the addition of the A5 chip. Besides that there’s the increase of space and another hour of talk time added onto the battery however I’m not quite sure if just these changes could justify spending $999.

I’m really tempted to just bite the bullet and order the new handset because everyone knows how I love to be up to date on the latest technology. So what do you think? Should I do the jump and purchase the iPhone 4S? Siri looks like it could be very cool in day to day life…


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  1. Karen

    Haven’t you got more important things to be spending money on? Travel???

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      Indeed. After thinking about it more today I think if I do decide to upgrade it’ll have to wait a few months at least.

  2. Zombie_Plan

    There’ll be a whole new iPhone this time next year. In addition, there’ll be bug fixes. Better to wait.

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