Logitech G19

Well, about 2 weeks ago now I ordered my Logitech G19. I was meaning to make a post about it the day I ordered it but I just haven’t had the time. Then the day came when it arrived and I was going to blog about it then… but alas time passed and I just haven’t had the chance to make a post until now! After having sometime to review the keyboard I thought now is the time to make a blog post giving you guys my opinion on the keyboard.

After having the keyboard to play around with, I found the LCD a great feature. However it is quite annoying to navigate the different modules of the LCD unlike the G15 which was just a touch of a button. The YouTube movie module could use a lot of work to be more user friendly.

The Keyboard back light feature is amazing, the variety of colors you can choose from is just amazing. I myself haven’t found the color I like the best yet and keep switching between a few of the colors.

Now, with the G keys I was quite disappointed they didn’t include 18 of them like in the original G15, but as they did with version 2 of the G15 they only put 12 G-keys on this keyboard, which is much to my disappointment because I have quite a lot of things to map, so I think I’ll have to get the G13 to map some extra keys.

But, all in all. I think its a great keyboard and would recommend it to anyone who is contemplating getting one.


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