Adobe Creative Suite 5!

Today, was the launch of Adobe CS5. I recently brought my copy of Adobe CS4 in February this year. I’m currently waiting to hear back from Adobe to see if I qualify for their post-announce upgrade. Some of the new features included in Photo Shop do really look amazing, so I hope I qualify for their upgrade program. You can see all the new videos about CS5 here and see more features and details on the new suite here, or see below for some links to read about a few new features.

Photoshop CS5 Features
Dreamweaver CS5 Features
InDesign CS5 Features
Illustrator CS5 Features
After Effects CS5 Features
Premiere Pro CS5 Features

EDIT: Adobe contacted me back saying I was not eligible but they didn’t give me dates, decided to try and find a phone number.. (Which is hard BTW!) and the guy on the phone said if you buy it after March 13th you are eligible for the upgrade.

Now the stupid part is, the upgrade price is $899 US or I could just buy a whole new Adobe CS5 Master for $600 AUD with my student discount.. WTF? Upgrade should be like $300 or cheaper!

EDIT 2: As of April 21st, Adobe has requested my contact information and said they will be in touch with me.

EDIT 3: April 29th. They contacted me saying I wasn’t eligible again. Quite pissed since they saw the link to this blog post which started my conversation with them.


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  1. Tania

    Thanks for the links Shaun. I am so looking forward to these new features and I hope you get your upgrade!

    1. Shaun

      Unfortunately not, I’m really pissed…

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