Are Cell Phones worth the hastle?

It’s no surprise to any of you that read my blog that I’ve had some phone issues lately. First of with the BlackBerry 9500 being a poorly designed phone to begin with and then it started to drop my calls after 6 months of using it. I put up with it for a while, until I had enough. I took it to my carrier to be sent back for repairs, only to which the store was useless and the end result was my carrier let me out of my 24 month contract only 11 months into it.

I then got a Apple iPhone 4 32gb handset, I have had no issues with this handset (Apart from forgetting my passcode this morning and having to reset the device). However the people that work in the stores on the other hand have been a major hassle.. I’ve found Support via Vodafones Twitter account a great help, there hasn’t been a single problem where Kirsty (One of the 2 people that run the account) hasn’t been able to solve it and for that I thank her greatly.

So far the issue with the BlackBerry 9500 she has resolved for me, also when I signed up for the iPhone 4 the store didn’t cancel my BlackBerry and port my number across she also fixed those issues as well as change me to to the $79 dollar cap I should have been on instead of the $69 cap. Without Kirstys help, I would have given up along time ago.

Just yesterday I was trying to upgrade my plan to take advantage of the recent data changes and when I couldn’t ring Vodafone using their 1555 number because it kept cutting out, she changed my plan for me too. Just this morning, I noticed my that I owe Vodafone $89 instead of $79 on my last bill, for which I already sent her a message and I’m sure I’ll get a quick response back.

Just goes to show you how valuable twitter can be for businesses for offering support to customers, I for one have not given up and tried a different carrier just because of Kirsty and their great plans.

PS: Has anyone worked out how to setup MMS properly so you don’t need to use their website and put in the code and just view it on your iPhone?

EDIT: Turns out the extra $10 dollars on my bill was prorata from the plan change from $69 to $79 apparently.


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  1. Zombie_Plan

    What. I haven’t had to visit the website for well over a year; they patched the inability to recieve MMS in an earlier version of iOS. Are you saying the iPhone 4 has the same problem they fixed forever ago?

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      I think this is a Vodafone issue.. Haven’t bothered much to get it fixed though.

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