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For the past year almost I’ve been complaining to my cell provider that my BlackBerry Storm (9500) is virtually impossible to use. The touch screen is horrible and the phone it’s self lacks important features. Not only that but the OS kept crashing, sometimes in the middle of a call. Now I’ve had my phone for the past year now and as of the last 6 months or so I’ve had ALL my calls dropped at some point in the conversation, with most drops happening 5 minutes into a call. After complaining to my carrier for 5 months they finally decided to do something about it just as my warranty was running out. Long story short, my phone is in the repair shop ATM, after painful conversations with customer support I managed to find my carrier had a Twitter support account. I contacted them and within 2 days they had sent me a loan phone to use while mine is being fixed. Now the loan phone was an iPhone 3GS none the less and after I put my SIM card in the phone I discovered the iPhone was also faulty.

After talking with my carrier some more they offered to release me from my contract because of all the issues I’ve been having. So now I have to decide what type of phone I want to get next.

The choices are between the new iPhone that is expected to be announced at the WWDC 10 conference in June, A different BlackBerry model or a device that runs the Android OS. So I thought I could ask you guys what you think I should get. Vote in the poll below and leave your opinion in the comments.

I’m personally leaning to wards the iPhone but.. I don’t know.

Which phone should I get?

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  1. Zombie_Plan

    The type of phone you get should be dependant on what you need it to do. I recommend looking at various types of phones and what they can do, then deciding.

    If you visit @monnie's site , she's currently reviewing the HTC Desire phone, which I'm personally interested in.

    As for iPhone 4G, we can't say anything until we see what it can actually do.

  2. Shaun Lorrain

    Exactly! I have pretty much already worked out I won't be making a decision before the new iPhone is announced and we can see exactly what specs it has and what it does.

    I saw Monnie has been reviewing the HTC Desire and will have to check out her review sometime, I did however read her first impression post.

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