My first thoughts on the iPhone 3GS

Because my BlackBerry Storm isn’t working, and after a lengthy discussion with Vodafone they sent me out a loan iPhone 3GS while my BlackBerry is being fixed.

My first thoughts was that the phone was quite thick but that wasn’t really a complaint. Upon working out how to take the SIM Card tray out, I managed to put my SIM in it and then synced it with iTunes to perform the “first use” thing that apple seems to put on all their devices. After that I noticed I was not connected to the “voda AU” network (Vodafone Australia). I took the time to play around with it and manged to work out that I cannot seem to connect to any carriers. So, I of course rang Vodafone and told them its not good that my phone isn’t working and they send me a loan phone and that doesn’t work either. Now to understand my frustration you have to understand I haven’t been able to make calls or receive them for about 6 months, and I have only been able to use the data services. They just said blah blah blah, There’s no network issues right now give it a few days and give us a call back. Anyway throughout the day the signal has been working and then dropping only staying for a few minutes every so often.

Anyway back to the phones features, Its much alike the iPod touches other than the fact it has the 3G and internet without WiFi. The touch screen keypad is easy to use but painful for typing long messages, Will be great when OS 4.0 comes out and you can attach a blue tooth keyboard! Other than that I find the GPS extremely accurate and the phone itself seems to load pretty fast. Its quick loading apps and doing tasks I would be doing a lot. I honestly think that if the carrier situation wasn’t an issue the phone would have to be one of the best ones I’ve had.


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