Telstra’s Network Performance

After my recent trouble with Vodafone, I joined Telstra. I have got to say, I have hated Telstra for years mainly due to the ADSL copper infrastructure problems that have been going on, but I think I forgive them just because of the performance I’m getting on my iPhone now.

The call quality is almost double and I haven’t had a single call that didn’t go through or drop so far. Also as you can see on the right, my 3G speeds are through the roof. Its on par with my ADS2+ speeds I get.

So far I just really wish I would have joined Telstra from the beginning, Getting the BlackBerry 9500 was a HUGE mistake and then the recent Vodafone issues… Life would have been a lot easier.


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  1. Andrew L

    Wow where were u sped testing from?…… Yea always been telstra or opts for me…… Went opts because of telstras higher premiums

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      Just at my house, although I don’t think it’s as good as this anymore sadly.

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