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Well, as most of my friends in other countries know.. I am not happy with my internet here in South Australia. As of the last few years, We have been paying $70 a month for “ADSL 2+” internet which is supposedly supposed to run at 24mps but mine runs at anywhere between 6-7mbs depending on the day. Which had a quota of 40gb peak and 40gb off peak. We did not always have that limit, it used to be just 40gb for all times but last year Adam Internet introduced off peak. Now for someone that uses the internet a lot such as myself that is really a small amount to have each month. As technology improved, and as internet speeds increase website sizes and file sizes that are hosted on the internet increase. Nowadays some websites that people visit are over 5mb each page, which on a 40gb limit is very painful as well as having to download other things. So today I had to increase our internet plan to the $110 a month “Ultra” plan which is 80gb on peak and 80gb off peak, I still am not happy with this. Other countries such as the USA and the UK have far more superior internet plans, Their prices are cheap such as $40 a month for cable internet, Which is much more faster then DSL and their plans are often unlimited or pretty close to unlimited. So I ask.. why does Australia have such crappy internet? I still think its VERY STUPID that some of the population is still on dial up, I mean come on.. these days if you want to keep being apart of the world you have to keep up to date and these days that is being online. I’m aware that some of this new technology is very hard for some of the older generation to understand, But there are so many willing people out there willing to explain to these folks what these things are. I’m just pissed off because I think Australia really should have better speeds and quotas, Now I have to say Adam Internet is by far the best ISP I know of here in Australia there customer service is amazing and their speeds and quotas are far better than other ISP’s.

So really Australia? Do something.. Let the ISP’s and the government know that we want better internet!


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  1. Matthew Negus

    man, sounds like your getting ripped off. TPG offer adsl2+ 120gb plan for $50 a month an they don’t meter uploads. where thinking of going to them.

    1. Shaun

      TPG may offer that, but their line speeds are crap and their customer service is beyond crap from what I’ve heard. Also that and Adam has CommunityNet.

      1. Matthew Negus

        oh? what speeds are you getting on your plan?

        1. Shaun

          I get around 12mps, obviously I’m a lot further from the exchange from you.

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