One of the worst feelings

This week I had one of the worst feelings I’ve probably ever had in my life. Earlier on Wednesday I felt really bad like someone had drugged me, Later on in the day I started burning up and jumped into the shower for the cold water to see if I would feel any better. However a few minutes later my nose started bleeding. This normally wouldn’t be abnormal apart from the few events that followed. Moments after I started bleeding I felt like I was going to pass out, I could just feel it in my legs. Seconds later, I hit the floor. A few seconds went by where I can’t remember anything, but then I remember looking at all this blood I was covered in. It was everywhere, I was calling for help from my family however none of them could apparently hear me. My nose didn’t stop bleeding for a full 20 minutes that night while blood continued to gush out. For a few moments there I remember having a horrible feeling like something was terribly wrong while I laid there on the shower floor covered in blood. I really thought something terrible was happening and I might not make it. At the time I thought perhaps it was something to do with the other health problems I’ve been having lately however luckily as it turned out it was just one of my normal nose bleeds but just a bit worse.

Lets all hope they sort out my medical problems soon!


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