What are the chances?!

So on Friday, I received my MacBook Pro, I was excited to finally have it, the job that stood before-me however was transferring all my data off my old desktop PC and onto the new Mac. However tonight, I was just laying here in bed setting up iTunes on my Mac when all of a sudden I heard a very large and loud bang. Within a second or so there was another extremely loud bang and then I was in total darkness in my bedroom.

It took me a second to realize what had happened but the Power Supply in my desktop exploded and had tripped the circuit breaker.  2 days after me getting a new computer. Sadly I hadn’t finished transferring my documents off my old Windows machine so now I have to figure out what I’m going to do to attempt to recover them to transfer them to my MacBook Pro.

I just can’t believe my luck, however I am grateful the PSU decided to wait until AFTER I received the MacBook Pro to cause issues or else right now, I’d have absolutely nothing to use.


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  1. Mal

    Remove the hard drive, get a USB enclosure, fit hard drive into enclosure, connect to Mac. Problem solved.

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      You’d think that would be the easiest way, and that was my first thought. However I need to get into some programs to “export” their settings. Can’t just copy their files out of AppData because they’re encrypted sadly. I’m going to have to save and buy the parts to fix it, because it was supposed to be getting a new home too.

  2. Cathie

    Of course your PC is going to spit the dummy. Electronic equipment knows when it has been usurped.

    We don’t even discuss replacements in front of them in our house.

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      They always do seem to have a way of knowing don’t they… Perhaps we need to rebel against the electronics that are taking over our life… Oh wait this sounds vaguely familiar now.

  3. Ruben

    Ouch >_<

    Perhaps it was the same poltergeist that destroyed the PSU in my (albeit old!) homebrew tower just last week. Wasn't enough to cause a fuse to trip, but I could smell electrical smoke. If I were in Singapore I'd go down the road and get a replacement for $50, in Sydney I'm sure I'll be shelling out a small fortune for one unless I buy it online.

    Needless to say, I hope your data is okay. If you can, use an enclosure as Mal suggested, and use either VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion to set the target bootable disk as that external drive. Granted it'll be really slow, but that will let you "boot" the machine and hopefully allow your apps to export your data. A lot of it you should be able to simply copy over though.

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      Thanks, I’m hoping! That my HDD’s are intact. No way to tell at this stage. I’m going to ring Thermaltake tomorrow morning as apparently the PSU model I have (http://thermaltake.com.au/products-model.aspx?id=C_00001780) comes with a 5 year warranty. I just don’t want to deal with the RMA process ATM but I really have no choice as I can’t afford to just replace it!

      Here’s hoping they don’t need a proof of purchase too as I don’t think I have the receipt anymore…

      Its just bizarre how these things happen, and the timing of it is just impeccable.

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