Customer service at its usual worse…

Back on the 19th of August I took 2 of my BenQ E2400HD LCD Monitors in to be repaired. One had a slight color discoloration and another had a black band across the top right hand corner. I took them to Digital Domain a authorized service centre here in Adelaide. Everything seemed to be going fine and a week passed even though I was told 3-4 business days. I rang them and was told they had placed a part on order for both screens and BenQ was just having trouble getting the parts. Another few days went by and I rang them again and got told the same thing, however they added if I was so impatient I could ring BenQ in Sydney to find out what was going on. So I did that afternoon I rang Sydney and was told they had only just gotten the order of the parts the day before even though Digital Domain said they had done it 2 weeks ago and BenQ had already sent an email back within an hour or 2 requesting the monitors to be sent to Sydney for repair. The girl I spoke to on the phone promised me she would take care of it and follow it up with Digital Domain for me.

Another few days went by and I rang BenQ in Sydney and was told they hadn’t received the monitors at their service centre almost a week later, The girl on the phone even joked and asked were they being transported by camel. They eventually received the 2 monitors the week after. I kept ringing back occasionally to find out the status of the monitors until I was told the one with the black line had been fixed and was being sent back which I received on the 24th of September.

The monitor I got back on the 24th was fine, it was fixed and I was very happy even though it took so long, I was glad to have 2 screens again but kept calling BenQ about my other screen they still had being fixed and they were having trouble with it. On the 1st of October I was told it had been fixed and was being sent back to me. Last Wednesday it was delivered while I was in hospital and I unfortunately missed the delivery. I rang the courier and they told me its a 48 hour turn around time because I missed the delivery, I was told it would be delivered Friday specifically and I was fine with this. However it was delivered THURSDAY not Friday and once again I missed it. I rang back Thursday night and was told it’ll be delivered Friday still the driver just thought he’d try and see if I was home. I thought that was really friendly and nice and accepted it until 8AM Friday Morning the tracking number still said “Held for Inquiry” I rang TNT and they told me “No no, Its fine. It’ll be delivered around lunch time today”. I made sure I was home all day and a delivery did not arrive. I rang TNT and was promised a call back after lunch. I then rang Saturday morning as I had received no call back and was told someone would call me back during the day Saturday. Same thing happened again. No call back and then was told a phone call Sunday and yet again.. No call back.

Yesterday morning the monitor was finally delivered. I was happy it was finally back and I could resume my normal activities, That was until I opened the box however. Upon unpacking the monitor I somehow got wet metallic spray paint on my fingers. I noticed the base of the monitor had sticky tape residue on it so we started to clean it. Until we noticed a huge patch of wet metallic spray paint wiped off the side as you can clearly see here.

I rang BenQ right away and they asked for pictures, which I took and those ones I’ve just posted are the ones I emailed to them. They immediately asked for me to re-pack the monitor in the box I just received it in and they arranged with TNT to collect it today. They SAID they have never seen or heard of this problem after one of their products has been repaired in their factory before. What I think happened was a technician damaged it and tried to cover his ass. None the less, I am extremely furious over this and am extremely dissatisfied with the fact this ordeal would have certainly gone over the 2 month mark before this is sorted out.


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