Travel to the United States of America with me!

My holiday is extremely close now, this time in 19 days I will be boarding the Qantas A380 from MEL > LAX. So I thought I’d just make a quick post about how YOU can follow me during my holiday.

I will be making frequent blog posts here with journal entries along with one or 2 pictures every few days, However I will be uploading ALL my pictures to my Flickr Profile as I go along. Along with pictures and a journal entry every few days here on the blog, I will be tweeting through out some of the days via my iPhone and my shiny new iPad 2**. So you can check out my twitter tag @ShaunLorrain however I will also be setting my twitter account to post the status updates to my Facebook account. So really there’s many ways to get in touch with me!

I hope you enjoy some of the photos and things I have to share while I’m away as I’m sure I’ll have a fantastic time.

*I leave July 20th and am returning September 16th.
**If insurance has replaced it due to me breaking the thing… 


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