Work Experience Today

Well today is my first day of work experience.. For my work experience I’m working at my local school, the one I used to attend and working in IT. As far as I know all I’ll be doing is help desk type of things and maybe working some hardware issues all day. It’s from 8am until 4pm and a 30 minute break in there somewhere. I don’t know how busy I’ll be but I’ll try and poke my nose in on twitter and let you all know how it’s going, tonight I’ll also try and make a blog post about the day. This will be every Monday for the next 5 weeks but I think there is a 2 week break in there due to school holidays. Anyway it’s 2:30 AM now so I think I’ll head to bed since I have to be awake at 5am and I just hope I wake up in time!

Cya later!


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