The mystery continues and gets worse

This is part 2 of a series of blog posts about my health. See Part 1 here or Part 3 here.

Alright so I got the results of my parasite test on Monday and they all came back negative. The doctors were still quite concerned because half their tests came back positive and half didn’t however obviously I’m still presenting with symptoms to the clinic. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling much better and late in the day the clinic rang and told me to go to hospital right away, They have done all the tests they can and if anyone can help it’d be the hospital now. Unfortunately my parents didn’t want to wait in the waiting room Tuesday night and refused to even drop me off so I waited 14 hours and then got dropped off at 7am this morning at the hospital entrance.

I walked up to the emergency room and told the nurses who I was and got told to have a seat and they’d attend to me as soon as they could. After 20-30 minutes of waiting a nurse came and got me and took me to a bed in the emergency clinic. They tried to take my pulse however the machine was reading 240. They couldn’t find it by hand so they went and got another machine and by that stage it was still reading 180. The doctor that was assigned to me came in shortly after to get some details on whats been going on and asked what tests I’ve had done and what the results have been. Shortly after he left the nurses came back in to take my pulse again and this time it was 190 so slightly higher. The doctor came back within seconds after they took that reading and ordered an ECG, Blood tests and to test my sugar levels. At this stage they were quite concerned with my heart because your pulse is not supposed to go that high in the first place. They came back and took my ECG and it revealed what they thought was Sinus tachycardia which virtually means a heart rate above the average (which is between 60-100 beats/min).

The doctor came back to insert the IV into my hand to take some blood and to administer some anti nausea drugs. Now you have to understand during this whole process I was alone and very worried about was going on. I had no idea what the doctors were doing and just said yes to what they were asking because it was in my best interest. However when he inserted the IV into my hand, Something weird happened. The following event was described to me later by my GP as passing out but without loosing consciousness. All the bright white lights in the room got extremely blight and my vision was blurred, my hearing went extremely fuzzy and I couldn’t understand anything and all of a sudden I had a spike in my body temperature. I really just felt like I was going to pass out and be sick everywhere, luckily however this passed after 10 minutes or so however it was still extremely annoying and far to long to have such a horrible thing happen. At this stage I rang my mother and asked her to come to the hospital because I was extremely worried about what was happening to me.

Around noon the doctor came back into my cubicle and told me my liver function tests were still acting up a little, and they were going to discharge me and treat me as an out patient because they couldn’t find anything wrong even though I was presenting with the same symptoms I’ve had since July. The ER doctor said he will send the gastroenterologist a referral and I should hear back within a week. So here I am, just before 7PM writing this blog after I’ve had a chance to lay down and relax for the rest of the day, waiting to find out what happens next.


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