Full USA Trip Itinerary

Now that my trip is only 106 days away, I thought it was time to post my full itinerary of the cities I’m visiting and on what dates. Of course things change… So there might be some last minute things while I’m in the USA. Such as I would like to travel to New York City and Washington, D.C. while staying with my friends in Portland.

Wednesday July 20th – Leave Adelaide at 6:05am, Arrive in Melbourne at 7:50am. Depart Melbourne at 9:35am and arrive in Los Angeles, California at 7:55am. Depart Los Angeles, California at 1:25pm and arrive in Portland, Oregon at 3:35pm.

Wednesday August 10th – Leave Portland, Oregon and arrive in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thursday September 1st – Depart Minneapolis, Minnesota and arrive in Columbus, Ohio.

Sunday September 4th – Depart Columbus, Ohio and arrive in Los Angeles.

Wednesday September 14th – Depart Los Angeles, California at 11:50pm.

Friday September 16th – Arrive in Sydney at 7:25am and leave at 9:45am to arrive in Adelaide.


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