Arrived and settled in Portland!

Just thought I’d make a quick post letting you guys know I’m all safe and settled in Portland now. I’ve been here for a few days so far and am absolutely loving it here. The scenery is fantastic and very green and lush. I wish I lived somewhere like this.

So far I haven’t really done a lot. I’ve been to visit my friends mother who is 99 and after that went to my friends wife’s barn to see her 3 horses. One of which is a new baby horse who was born a few months ago.

On Saturday we went to the cinema to see Captain America in 3D. It was a great movie overall but especially a great movie to see while on holiday in the USA. I got some popcorn as well and all I can say is Americans love their butter on their popcorn. It was so greasy but it tasted so good!

For food I’ve tried Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Olive Garden so far. Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are basically the same just in bigger sizes and Olive Garden is just fantastic. It’s a great italian restaurant here in America which I had for lunch today. I of course had my usual Spaghetti Bolognese which on the menu was “Spaghetti and meat sauce” and the bread sticks are very tasty. I’ve noticed so far the waitresses are so much nicer here because they work for tips instead of just a salary. My drink glass was always full and as soon it got low she brought another glass over.

I’ve uploaded 7 photos to my Flickr account so far, I’m hoping to get some fantastic photographs of the landscape here this week and much more as I start to explore the state more.

Until next time!


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  1. Tam

    Sounds awesome Shaun say hi to Joel, his wife and Julia. Go visit Voodoo doughnuts if you want to be really bad

    xx tam

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