Thanks everyone!

So my 18th birthday has now truly been and gone, and I’d just love to say a quick thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday and for those who attended the little dinner I did with a few friends ;) I got some great cards and some great presents. It was great to see some of you as I probably won’t get to see some of you again until I return from the USA in late September!

On Friday night a few of us met up at Brunelli’s Café in Rundle Street for dinner, We stayed there drinking and socializing until around 10PM and then everyone left to go home. It was a fun but early night as everyone had to go home and those that were going to go out with me after, unfortunately couldn’t make it.

As that was the get together with friends, I thought it was only appropriate to also have a family dinner so we went to Café Primo Saturday night to have a meal. The food is always good there and you get a free pancake afterwards so its a win win!

So once again, thanks to everyone for the Birthday Wishes/Presents :)


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