Work Experience Day #5

Today was a fairly easy, yet exhausting day. I started the day by collecting the mouse pads from all 3 computer labs since we had a school open day on Sunday. Then I started to image some new admin laptops (The laptops I bar-coded the last time I was at the school). It was really easy apart from the fact I spent hours imaging machines until they all started erroring out and wouldn’t complete the process. I managed to fix a teachers printing problem that has been happening all year, it was a conflicting user account with another student and I also happened to help out with the image they’re building of Windows 7 for the roll out planned for later in the year or next year. All in all it was an easy day apart from the Symantec Ghost giving me the shits. I had a fun 5 weeks and I think I’ll miss going to the school on Mondays.

Well that concludes my Work Experience posts, I hope you enjoyed them.. (Just kidding I know they’re shit).


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