Work Experience Day #1

Well today was my first day of work experience at the local school, the one I used to study at. For the next 5 weeks, I am going to be working at the school on Mondays for 8 hours a day doing Work Experience as part of something I supposedly need to finish school… But the thing is I don’t study the normal curriculum anymore.. I go to college instead.. So I just thought I’d do the work experience anyway since I can add it to my resume and then I’ll see about whether or not I have to do anything else..

Anyway, my day went like this.. I got to the school around 7:55AM as they were expecting me at 8AM. The first job I was told to do was to go over to the primary school (Kindergarten-7th grade) to help set up their new iPod touches with their schools IT teacher as she didn’t know how.. or didn’t want to.. either or.. Anyway so I headed over there and I managed to get into the school after some teachers help as the school was locked at that time of day.. and I sat in the primary schools library/computing area waiting for the IT teacher to come into work… So anyway it got to 8:20 and she still wasn’t there so I started chatting to an old teacher that I get along with and it reaches 8:30.. still no teacher.. Go to the office to check morning notices of teacher absences but she isn’t absent.. So I go back to waiting and while I wait I put all the chairs down and turn on all the 50 or so computers on in the library.. still no teacher.. it finally got to 9AM and the school rung her and it turned out she was home sick.. she had sent an email to the school but the person she sent an email to.. also happened to be away. So I went back to the high school, and they said to go down to their storage room and I spent an hour or so moving laptops around.. as they have just gotten 230 brand new laptops for the students to use while in class, But.. while I was in their storage room.. it was so hot and there was no windows or anything to open as its a secure room and the students don’t even know whats in there. So it got to recess time and I just went for a break and had a drink.. came back and I started to setup 2 new laser printers that were going to be deployed in 2 different buildings for these new laptops to print to.. It got to near lunch time when I decided to run down to the schools canteen.. (For you American folk, that’s a cafeteria but with no seating). I managed to skip the line of 200 or so students as I had a teacher badge because I’m working at the school, so I just got a chocolate milk, water and a hot dog. Went back to the IT area and had a 40 min or so break.. My afternoon was cut short as the person that’s in charge of the IT stuff had to go home early so I was able to leave an hour early.. But before I was able to leave I just went through some of the older laptops the school had put out for the students to use, seeing if any of them were broken and had to be sent back to get a replacement. I couldn’t belive the way these students had been treating these laptops the school lets them use.. There was 11 laptops that I had to put into a pile, because they either had keys broken off the keyboard.. the DVD drive missing.. or some kind of other damage like the thing falling to bits.. Ugh..

So that was my first day at work experience…


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  1. Brigwyn

    Umm.. yeah.. Now I’m jealous.. Yep.. Officially jealous. :P

    As for the kids and laptops? Well, I guess it’s unfortunate, but probably to be expected. It’s been my personal experience that a lot of kids nowadays live with a very “Disposable” attitude about almost everything.

    Broken? Just replace it. Lost? Get another. On loan from a school? Meh, they can get another.

    What’s even sadder is kids have an excuse. They’re kids. But this type of behavior is even more rampant in the workplace! Don’t believe me? Ask someone in corporate IT that has to work on the Sales Dept. machines. /sigh

    1. Shaun

      Its just such a shame how kids act these days.. By all definitions.. I still am a kid as I am the age of the students breaking the laptops. But.. I would never treat anything like that.. but again that’s just me I guess.

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