Why I got annoyed at Foxtel today..

Earlier today I was trying to access the Member services part of Foxtel’s website. Only realizing we hadn’t registered before and had to sign up. I thought to myself, signing up would be easy and only take a few minutes.. But boy was I wrong. I had to call them to ask them a question about our account and got the run around but the lady I spoke to was very helpful. We seemed to have our problems sorted and then went on to continue to register only to keep seeing that it was giving me and error while finishing the sign-up process. So I rang for the 2nd time only to find out, for the past 4 years our name has been spelt incorrectly on their system and we didn’t notice since we pay via direct debit and therefore we don’t see a bill. Got that problem sorted out and finally was able to register.. I was thinking great awesome.. all done.. NOT after browsing around in our information I found out we don’t have the IQ service and how it’d only cost $10 a month for each outlet to upgrade.. Awesome right.. Again NOT.. They charge you $100 dollars to upgrade. I rang back the third time and just asked “We’ve had your service for 4 years, We’re currently not in a contract.. I see you offer free installation currently and would it be possible to go back into another contract for free installation.” The person replied and said yes this was possible however we would have to DISCONNECT our service and then go without for a few days and then re-sign up as a new customer.

So anyway, Tomorrow morning.. I’m going to wake up at 7AM just so I can call Foxtel to cancel our service, to then re-connect just so we can get Foxtel IQ, So hopefully this will all be over soon and I’ll be happy.

On a side note, I’ve been wanting to add another outlet in my house in my bedroom for years now. My parents have one down in the front lounge and we have another in the games room (Which is being moved into the Kitchen/Family Room in the new installation of IQ). So with my parents having one and then my brother having the other, there’s barely a chance for me to actually watch it.. that and I also don’t have the time to leave my desk just to lounge around on a couch to watch TV.. When I watch something on my computer I’m always doing something else. So I spoke to my parents tonight about having a 3rd outlet added in my room while they do this since it’ll only cost me $25 a month and the $50 installation fee which is barely anything out of my monthly budget. My mother didn’t have anything against it, However my father seems to think I don’t have the money.. So I’m left with not being allowed to add it to my bedroom. I will have to see if I can convince them otherwise.. I just think I’d be awesome to be able to have shows on in the background while working and having the ability to watch live/recorded stuff while I try and sleep.


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