The current BETA Version of MSN..

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS CURRENTLY A BETA, ANYTHING CAN CHANGE… You should know that by now. Also, any pictures in this post can be enlarged by clicking them.

So just now I thought I’d install the BETA of Windows Live Writer and Messenger.. Well.. Here is a picture of the soon to be main window of MSN.

Alright, Obviously the black boxes are personal details about my friends I didn’t think you should see.. But to be honest, I think this new layout is absolutely bullshit, I mean I get where MSN is going trying to make it a social site like Facebook and all but.. in a messenger client?! NO! It takes complete focus off the contacts that you have added, in fact it took me a few seconds to even see where they are. I seriously hope it doesn’t turn out like this once the new version is launched or.. I and a few friends will be severely disappointed in the changes.. Here is some of their reactions about the screenshots I posted on twitter..


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