Enrolled in Certificate III Network Administration

This post may be re-worded as I just realized whilst reading it.. I went on and on about useless things..

Today was enrolment day at TAFE and I had an appointment at 2 this afternoon. I wasn’t quite sure where or what I was going to study, but after talking with one of the lecturers I had it pretty well set in my mind what I wanted to study. I have been doing Certificate IV in Web Design these past 6 months. Even though I currently run a few websites, I really don’t like the design part. I can handle HTML/PHP pretty well.. but the design was just eh.. I couldn’t visualize what I wanted to create and even though clients often tell you what they want.. its still hard.

After deciding that I wanted to enrol in Network Administration I thought I was going to enrol in Cert IV Network Administration because that included Certificate III in it, but the lecturer said its better to just do Certificate III separately. But then came the big decision.. To study at Noarlunga Campus or in Adelaide..? I really like the city, and If I lived closer would probably visit every day, But unfortunately travel to and from can be a bitch with the last bus of the day being at 5:30 PM. So the lecturer just picked for me and it turned out to be Noarlunga. All that means is its much easier to get to and travel time would be around 30 minutes, instead of my usual 2 hour journey to the city. Unfortunately if I want to go to the city, I will have to go on one of my days off instead of during my lunch break.

If you are interested in seeing what Certificate III in Network Administration involves you can click here to see a PDF.

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