New Laptop

Well today I brought myself a new laptop. I finally managed to convince my family that I need a laptop for school and they finally gave in. Its a HP Notebook (For Specs Talk to me, You know how to talk to me.) I’m also going back to school tomorrow and going to give it another go. Having a laptop will greatly help me by getting my work done and also wanting me to be at school because I know I can use a computer, While I’m at school though I won’t have internet access so all I’ll be able to do is use what I have installed on the laptop which atm is just basicly word.

I personally love my new laptop, I’m using it to write this at the moment and it’s just great for typing on the run or places out of home. I’m planing on going to school at 7am tomorrow wether that happens or not is another matter :P, The only reason I’m going at 7 is to go up to our IT Department at school to show them my new laptop.

Well anyway that’s it for me today back I go to installing software, I’ll be back tomorrow anyway writing more blog posts.


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