Disenchanting as of Patch 3.3

Well as some of you may have heard in 3.3 Blizzard is adding a new feature to the game. When you have an enchanter in the group there will be a 3rd option alongside Need/Greed which is Disenchant. From what they have said so far,  you all just select disenchant and it will roll off […]

MySQL: Search and Replace

Well, After spending a lot of time trying to work this out, I thought I’d post this here to save others the trouble that I had. Virtually what you do here is run this as a MySQL query and what it will do is search for a term and replace it with something else, which […]


Recently I have been working on project, I have been converting a websites from a Geocities account over to a new design and a new host. Now you have to understand this was a lot of work because the old website was VERY outdated and I had to re-do everything even fix some of the […]

Amazing Dust Storm

Yesterday Morning, people in Sydney awoke to a red sky, Check out the pictures and video below. The dust storm completly blacked out the sun. A DUST storm that smothered NSW and southern Queensland pushed air pollution levels to 1,500 times their normal levels – the highest on record. You had to even wear a […]