When it rains it pours I guess..

I have been fairly quiet about this until late today, but yesterday was a really bad day for me. I went to TAFE (College) and found out that we didn’t have to do all the work so I decided to leave early… TOTAL BAD IDEA.

So I left the campus and headed for the bus stop, as I was crossing the road some idiot hoon came up really fast and hit the 20 something year old crossing the road next to me. I cannot get this image out of my head it’s so bad. Picture a young woman crossing a road, a car coming up at like 60 km/h and totally hitting her, she went flying. It was so horrible. I quickly found my phone and called for help but there was so much blood. I am so lucky it wasn’t me that was hit; I was so close to being the one that WAS hit it isn’t funny.

Not only this but as I was on the bus home, my sister in law texted me and said someone told her someone they thought they saw at my brother and sister in laws engagement party had a heart attack. Turns out my “sort” of uncle had a heart attack and was without oxygen for 25 minutes. He is now in a medically induced coma after having surgery and having 6 stents inserted into his arteries. The risk for brain damage is high because of the amount of time he was without oxygen. So we are waiting to hear back about his status.

So today since I didn’t have any assignments to do at college I stayed home and tried to get over what happened yesterday.

EDIT: 7th August 21:00 My uncle has developed kidney failure. Chances are very low. Family considering pulling the plug.

EDIT: 8th August 11:00 My uncle has miraculously turned the other way and starting to recover, I’ll post further updates later.

EDIT: 23rd August 22:00 I haven’t known anything for a few days, but its expected that my uncle will make a full recovery but will have to take it easy.

This post is still under construction.


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