Hurry up and put a retail store in Adelaide Apple!

After recently visiting the USA and going to 3 Apple stores I can honestly say its about damn time Apple hurries the heck up and puts one in Adelaide.

Each store I visited was packed to the door. At least 100 people in there, lots just browsing however the main part I think we need an Apple store for was busy as hell; The Genius Bar.

For Apple products to be repaired in Adelaide you need to post it to Sydney where they inspect it and usually just send you a refurbished product back where turn around time is usually 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a long time to go without an iPhone or any other device such as a MacBook you might use for work.

I sometimes wondered perhaps their isn’t enough people in Adelaide however if there is a store in Perth surely there is enough of a demand for one in Adelaide, even if it was purely for a repairs.

In the USA each time I went into an Apple store I spent over $100, perhaps its just the white shiny lights that draw you in… but I’m sure they could make their money in Adelaide from sales.


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  1. Zombie_Plan

    When my iPod died, I took it to a place on Gouger St that apparently was an official place?

    Is that what you’re talking about?

    1. Shaun Lorrain

      There’s Next Byte which is an Apple Authorized Reseller in Rundle Mall but they usually sent things off to Sydney to be fixed. As was the case with my iPod Touch.

      An official Apple store would usually just replace right there on the spot with a refurbished model as is their policy.

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