World of Warcraft: Official Magazine

Around the time of BlizzCon last year, Blizzard and a few other sources announced that there was going to be an official World of Warcraft Magazine. In early December they lost their Editor in Chief and they had advertised job listings for a new one, so people were debating whether or not the first issue would be completed. Well, on the 26th of December (Just a few days ago) they released a preview of the first 40 pages of the Magazine and also announced that the magazine was in the printers hands and should be here in a few weeks. From what I saw of the first 40 pages.. the magazine looks amazing and I wish I had subscribed to get issue 1 especially since back a few months ago, I was talking to one of the writers in the magazine about guild relations; how we deal with the loot and how being from all different countries affected my guild. So keep your eye out for my article in there! I hope it did get published but you should see a picture of my mage “Saphala” or a picture of myself I’m not really sure what he handed in.

Keep an eye out for my mage.. Here is the picture that I gave them!


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