Work Experience Day #2

Today was alright, I spent about 6 hours trying to sync 6 iPods to have exactly the same music, podcast and apps on them which doesn’t sound as easy as you would think. After iTunes crashing multiple times and me getting very frustrated, I finally got them to work. In the end up the way I got them to all be the same was to make one iPod the exactly the way I wanted it and do a backup of it using iTunes, plug in the next one to be setup and “restore” using the backup of iPod #1, after installing the latest OS of course. I think I’ll be writing a tutorial on this issue for other users that are trying to do the same thing to follow, because quite frankly.. there was nothing about doing this around when I searched.

After doing the iPods and getting them done, I spent the rest of my afternoon working on getting an administration machine to boot, it would go to safe mode but wouldn’t get past the XP boot loading screen, after reformatting the HDD and installing a fresh copy of XP instead of the schools standard image we discovered there was something wrong with the image we used and had to make a new image to be deployed.

That was virtually my whole day.. Really boring I know.. but be sure to check back on the 29th for another update on day number 3!


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