And so the Journey begins

So right now I’m sitting on-board my first plane, ready to taxi out on the run way to take off towards Melbourne which is my first stop over for 2 hours. I’ll be traveling for the next 30+ hours to get to my first destination for a few weeks which is Portland, Oregon. I’m all packed I think, well its too late now if I’m not anyway since my suitcase is in the cargo hold.

I have a 2 hour layover in Melbourne, Australia before getting aboard QF093 which happens to be a A380 (I really can’t explain how happy I am that I get to fly on one of these…). I arrive in Los Angeles, California around 11:25pm Adelaide time and then have a 6 hour wait before my final flight of the day to PDX. I’ll probably be posting once again during my 6 hour stop in Los Angeles just to let you guys know I made it and let everyone know my thoughts about Qantas International Services and the A380 :)

Wish me luck flying!


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  1. Tam

    Can’t wait to read your blog… Have a ball so glad you actually did it!!! Be safe

    Xx tam Xx

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