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My iPhone 4S has arrived!

After debating it for a while, I eventually did decide to purchase the 4S and sold my previous iPhone. I have to say, I am very pleased with the new camera (I didn’t expect it to let me down) and Siri is helpful, if I remember to use her. Most of the time unfortunately I […]

Moved Web hosting again!

So on Tuesday (21st of June) I moved away from my VPS server in Columbus, Ohio. Recently I’ve been having A LOT of issues with high I/O wait and problems with Apache running slow and in return it failing and having to restart. However the service wasn’t restarting correctly and it just “failed”. I was having to constantly restart the […]

An amazing Green Data Centre

I recently came across this video on YouTube about Facebook’s new green data centre, It really impresses me that “big” companies such as Facebook and Microsoft and even Apple (Although Apple is usually pretty secretive) make such a commitment to help save the environment.