My iPhone 4S has arrived!

After debating it for a while, I eventually did decide to purchase the 4S and sold my previous iPhone. I have to say, I am very pleased with the new camera (I didn’t expect it to let me down) and Siri is helpful, if I remember to use her. Most of the time unfortunately I forget the functionality is there and what she can do exactly, but I’m trying to fit her into my day to day life more.

People asked me why I bought the 4S instead of waiting for the iPhone 5, quite simply. I like to stay up to date, if that costs me $1000 every 2 years.. I’m OK with that. It’s a small price to pay for a device I use for hours each day. Of course, when the iPhone 5 comes out my contract will expire with Telstra and most likely, I will re-sign and get the new iPhone then (The Freedom connect plans with Telstra are much better than the old NextG plans anyway).


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