Smartphones recording location data, Who gives a shit?

So it came out on the 20th of April that iPhones are tracking our location history, Android users then turned to Apple users and made fun of us until it came out that Android devices in fact do it too. Now my first thoughts on this matter were so what? These days most applications we use on smart phones use our location data to give us relevant data or people are now using services such as Facebook Places or Foursquare so our location is always out there for people to see anyway, yet people still seem to care that your phone is logging your location.

Hint if you look back to the change made to the User Agreement in June 2010, you agreed to this anyhow.

First off, what have you got to hide? I mean.. OK you’re at a strip club.. So what?! Who really cares. The only people that have things to hide are the ones that are often breaking the laws.

Also this isn’t NEWS cellular companies have been doing this for years, Ever since mobile phones became mainstream. Each time you make or receive a call, text message or any “service” on your mobile phone your cellular company logs this information anyhow. Take my recent Telstra bill for example, it lists right there what suburb I was in when I made this text message and if the police really wanted to know the exact location all they have to do is get a warrant from the courts and subpena my provider.

There’s always something that the public has to be “angry” about, Antennagate, Glassgate and now what; Locationgate? Seriously, give it up.


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  1. Lisa S.

    Nice Post, I fully agree with you :D

  2. Stan D.

    Great post! I love it :)

  3. Andrew A. Sailer

    I do believe one day Samsung will overtake countless huge gadgets production brands.

    1. Andrew L

      I agree with Shaun, they make good monitors, HDDs and TV’s but their laptops and phones are still shit house.

  4. Miami PPC expert

    I agree but now what can we do?

  5. Monica

    Every cellphone in the US must have GPS tracking after 9/11. It came with my Nokia E71 for work, but the guy who set it up for me disabled it.

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