The next chapter of my life..

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already noticed the new design I’ve added overnight. I thought it was time to change the design of my blog to more reflect the next part of the journey in my life.

As many of you may know from talking to me, My currently plan is to graduate then travel a to the USA to visit friends and travel the country determining if that would be a suitable place for me to call home. I was born here in Australia and have lived here my whole life, don’t get me wrong there are some things that definitely are a benefit of living in this country such as health care. However the things I care about, mostly technology as that’s the field I work in this country is NOT the right place to live. On so many things we are behind, Most of the country is currently fine with their ADSL2+ service we receive here but the truth of it is our country doesn’t run as fast as I would like to run my life. I’m more of a New York City kind of person. I like things to move fast and hate it when things move slowly, I don’t have time to relax and take things easy there’s just too much to do. So I can’t handle slow internet speeds of 500 kB/s when for my job I will need around 10 mB/s just to get things done fast enough. The country is finally fixing this problem however with the recent election making sure Labor stayed in power. The NBN will be a slow and long process though. It could be years until I have that type of connection in my area. (more…)

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